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Sample Essay On College Life

A lot of students enter the colleges hoping for the long-lasting friendship links, good times, proficient knowledge and, in some cases, a new sense of life. Nonetheless, when the time for classes comes, they realize that college is also about struggles and challenges, great demands and sometimes broken expectations. College and university students get through serious stress, especially when they exert every effort to balance their love life, a full time job, take part in social activities and even raise kids. Being demanded to cope with a lot of things having just a little time can be really overwhelming.

Everyday assignments and coping with the job demands can make a student completely exhausted. Only a limited number of college students can balance college attending and full time job. As for everyone else, working till the late at night and getting up before the dawn trying to get every assignment done within the deadline will turn their life into a mess. Very often students find themselves even more stressed and exhausted when they try to schedule all the tasks, because they realize how much work they have and how little time is there. Worrying about the unfinished tasks and the job that should be done add much stress to a college student’s life.

Moms and dads who attend colleges are faced with a heavy burden – they feel guilt about not spending enough time with the little ones. Children are in need of delicious dinner, they should be tucked in bed at the right time. Only one thought of being far from a child, who has demands and feelings makes the parents depressed. In other words, everyone faces with sufferings – mom, dad and a kid.


Extracurricular Activities: Is There Any Time?

Unfortunately, college students have too little time to take the best out of extracurricular activities. Even if they decide to attend at least one game, extracurricular class or dating, you will 100% regret not having the essay or report accomplished within the deadline, which is the following day. This, in turn, results in isolation and depression. More pressure is added by the feeling of being not able to comply with the tutor’s demands.

Most of the time, college students have not personal time at all and it’s no joke. With some unreal efforts they must learn to manage college assignment, job and family. For sure, there are many rewards waiting there in the long college life, which means one should not give up so soon and so easily. The time managing and the pressure can be overcome with patience, self-confidence and understanding and support from friends and family members.

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My experience of college life

My entry into a college after I had completed my school education was an important event in my life. I felt very much excited on the very first day. I found that there is a great difference between school and college life. The world of the school is narrow and limited. The world of the college is large. Teachers in a school are strict and use the rod to beat the boys very frequently. College teachers are like elder brothers.

Most of the teachers in a college live in the world of ideas and books. We have students of all kinds in a college. They discuss the current affairs, art, cinema and sports. Some of them neglect text books but they do not miss the daily newspaper or the running commentary of a cricket match going on in some part of the world. Some of them would even engage the teachers in class in a political topic and discuss it fully.

There is a lot of freedom in the collage in the school I was busy from the first period to the last. But in the collage I attend classes for three or four periods. Ever being late for the classes is not punished.

College life has given a lot of political awareness; I have also got good grounding in electioneering. The elections to the college union, for which there a lot of canvassing gave me my first experience of democracy. Sometimes Political leaders come address us important problems facing the country. Then I felt that I was not only a college student but also a citizen of the country.Some time there are strikes in the college. The strikes are engineered by some senior students who are either punished or find for misbehaviors. They want their fines to be remitted but the principal would not accept their demands. So they would force other students to go on a strike and paralyze teaching work. This looks like Trade Unionism. I do not like this. I like the college life for it’s for its freedom, intellectual awakening and its various academic and extracurricular activities. I think that even after completing my education, I shall never forget the happy days I spent in the college.

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