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Personal Statement Forensic Science Examples Of Decomposers

Forensic Science Personal Statement

My interest in forensic science, both as a degree subject and as a career, developed, like most people’s I imagine, out of my enjoyment of crime fiction, both in novels and films. Puzzles have always interested me and finding ways to solve mysteries gives me great satisfaction. When I began to conduct real life scientific experiments and analyses it soon became clear that the reality of the forensic scientist’s job is quite unlike the fictional version, but still full of interest and intellectual variety. I have something of an aptitude for science and my thinking works in a rational and scientific manner, and I am attracted by the biological aspects of forensic science – analysing blood patterns and interpreting DNA – and by the chemistry of the subject, such things as drug analysis and examining paint, glass and fibre fragments. I am fully aware that much of the scientific work can be routine and yet new developments in the science have produced dramatic results and solved criminal mysteries sometimes years after the event. Forensic evidence is becoming increasingly important in criminal investigation as the range of its techniques and discoveries widens, and the career prospects are excellent. I am also aware that forensic science involves far more than lab work, that attending and investigating crime scenes can be harrowing and that one also needs to be carefully trained in courtroom presentation if one is to be a reliable source of evidence in sometimes very difficult cases. But to be involved in dramatic and momentous events would be immensely fulfilling, offering the prospect of making a contribution to the process of justice through unearthing the evidence which can prove a case, often when all other material is lacking.

My experience of work and other activities have given me a good sense of the demands of the real world and demonstrated, I believe, the personal qualities which can make me a successful undergraduate and employee. I was a member of a World Challenge team on an expedition to Morocco, which involved raising £1500 in six months and called for much logistical planning in the actual event. I was sometimes called on to help other team members if they were ill or struggling with fatigue and it was excellent training in teamwork. This also demonstrated my organisational abilities and management of time and money as well as my drive and determination. I am a Scout Sixer, in charge of a group of six, organising trips and activities and tending to others’ problems. I have good leadership skills and handle people efficiently and considerately. I have worked in a shop, dealing with the day-to-day running of the business, attending to customers’ needs and handling money, which has been a good introduction to the world of work and its demands – punctuality, reliability and honesty.

I am keen to keep abreast of developments in my subject and follow relevant stories in the media. I also recently read Jay Siegel’s Forensic Science: A Beginner’s Guide, which was rigorous and demanding but very readable and gave me a good idea of the complexity of the discipline. My ambition after graduation is to take on a general post in forensic science and later, perhaps after completing a Master’s, to specialise in a particular area of the science., though at this stage I find all aspects full of interest – the science, the investigation, the anthropology and much else.

I am the first member of my family to apply to university. I have good IT skills and experience of managing projects and my analytical skills are strong, as are my abilities in clear presentation and communication. I work well in a team but have the confidence in my own judgement to be equally happy working on my own. I always strive for quality in everything that I do and have a logical and thorough approach to problems. My commitment to my subject is total and I believe that I have the qualities to become a very successful undergraduate.

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Forensic Science Personal Statement

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