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Essay on Are Zoos Necessary

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Are Zoos Necessary

As a child I can remember when I misbehaved the absolute worst punishment my parents could inflict: I would be banished to my bedroom, the length of time depending on the seriousness of the "crime." It seemed that every possible want and desire I had while being punished was related to an activity just outside the confines of that bedroom. The hours seemed like days and the time spent "locked" in my room was unbearable. When I look back on those "torturous" days of my childhood, I can't believe what the big deal was. If I hadn't been punished, most likely I probably would have spent my free time in my bedroom anyway. Who was I kidding, locked in a room with a TV set, all of my toys and comic books, who could possibly…show more content…

A century later, the Greek Stoic Chrysippus claimed that horses and oxen existed so they could labor for us and that "as for the pig, that most appetizing of delicacies, it was created for no other purpose than slaughter, and God, in furnishing our cuisine, mixed soul in with its flesh like salt" (Wise 10). It is the belief that non-human animals are somehow made for our benefit that causes us to treat animals the way we do. Our DNA and that of chimpanzees are more than 98.3 percent identical. Scientists now believe that humans and chimpanzees may differ by only several hundred genes out of approximately 100,000. A mere fifty genes may control differences in our cognition. If Aristotle and Chrysippus were aware of how similar we are to chimps, would they still have held their beliefs? If most people today were cognizant of this fact, would they still feel comfortable putting animals in zoos?

Zoo conditions can range from being a fairly accurate although drastically smaller version of an animal's habitat to small, cold, sterile "cages" where little thought or feeling for the animals' mental or physical condition is given. Animals who naturally live in large herds or family groups are often kept alone, and their natural hunting and mating behaviors are virtually eliminated by regulated feeding and breeding regimens. Because of their close confinement, animals get little or no mental or physical

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The most important function of zoos, which benefits humans, is to serve as entertainment for people, especially for children. There is reduced stress and a pleasant time spent in contact with biodiversity.

Besides entertainment, zoos educate humans on the values ​​of respect and protection of nature, which is not only good for future generations, but also teaches them what the needs of animals and the importance of their conservation.

Zoos are places where scientists can conduct research on ecosystems, promoting conservation projects and ensuring the development of new techniques and medicines for animal health care.

Although the animals are not free, such as improvements in the conditions of zoos, new knowledge about the animal kingdom and technological advances occurring in nature, allow the conservation of species and animals in their environment Natural are threatened.

In this sense, keep captive animals, including feeding and caring for them properly, you may be holding back their full potential as living beings.

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