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Nasr Pre Primary School Somajiguda Admissions Essay

Nasr School

Khairtabad, Somajiguda, Gachibowli, Jubilee Hills,

School typePrivate School
MottoWith God's Help Victory is Near
Established12 June 1965 by Begum Anees Khan
Key people
  • Begum Anees Khan, Chairperson & Founder, Nasr Education Society.
  • Nawab Mir Khutubuddin Khan, Secretary, Nasr Education Society
  • Janaba Raees Hassan, Director & Advisor, Nasr Education Society.
  • Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed, CEO, Nasr Education Society & Principal (Boys)
  • Mir Mohiuddin Mohammed, Director Academics, Nasr Education Society
  • Mir Jamaluddin Hammad, Director Finance, Nasr Education Society
  • Mrs. Madhubala Kapoor, Principal (Girls)
Campus typeSuburban
Colour(s)Olive Green

Nasr School is private schools chain in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, run by The Nasr Education Society and affiliated to CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations). Nasr Education Society celebrated its golden jubilee year in 2015. [1]

The school is Named after Hazrat Abu Nasr, a renowned saint of the Deccan, Who was Begum Anees Khan's father religious mentor. The meaning of the word Nasr in Arabic is 'Help'.


The Nasr Education Society runs Nasr Schools in four locations in Hyderabad. There is Nasr Pre-Primary School at Somajiguda and Jubilee Hills, Nasr School for Girls at Khairtabad and Nasr School for Boys at Gachibowli. The Society also runs a school for underprivileged girls in Somajiguda and charges no fee for their education, they provide free books, uniforms, food for these girls and aim to uplift the living standards of these girls by educating them.[2]

Student activities[edit]

The school organizes many competitions and activities. Nasr is home to a number of clubs, which are popular among students such as The Nasr Dramatic Society, The Nature Club,The Literacy Club,The Red Cross,The Interact Club and the Nasr Riding Club.[3][4][6] The school students are also encouraged to take part in social activities.[7]

A unique concept in Nasr is the democratic way of electing the student leaders known as the Office Bearers. Headed by the School Captain. After a rigorous process of nominations on the basis of Academics and Overall Participation, Elections are held in which the students vote and elect their representatives. The Office Bearers are responsible of leading the school and helping the management in organizing various events. There is a School Captain, Vice Captain, Sports Captain and the various House Captains and various prefects. Each Club has its own set of Office Bearers. Both the Girls and Boys School Office Bearers meet regularly to discuss and formulate plans for maintaining discipline among others.

Nasr Dramatic Society (NDS)[edit]

The Nasr Dramatic Society (NDS) was established in 1980 for the Girls School at Khairtabad and in the year 2004 for Nasr Boys at Gachibowli. The dramatic society was founded with a view to nurture the talent of young artists, their creativity, intellectualism. NDS’s plays are often staged in Hyderabad. The Nasr Dramatic Society of Nasr Girls & Boys is the youngest and the only school dramatic club to be affiliated to the National School of Drama, Delhi.[8][9]

Nasr Riding Club[edit]

Nasr Riding Club was founded in 1999 under the guidance of the Secretary of Nasr Education Society, Nawab Mir Khutubuddin Khan. The club has its own string of horses. The club members take part in many on and off field activities.[10][11]

Nasr Nature Club[edit]

The school has the nature club wings for both Nasr Boys School, Gachibowli and Nasr School, Khairtabad. The Nasr Nature Club (Boys) adopted VIKAS - A one year old Royal Bengal Tiger at Nehru Zoological Park on 13 January 2015. The school students take part in raising funds for "The Project Tiger" too.[12]


Alumni include Tennis player Sania Mirza,[13] actress, model and Miss Asia Pacific 2000, Dia Mirza and writer, journalist Anuradha Roy.


  • Nasr School - India School Ranking 2017 (ranked number 1 day school for girls in Andhra / Telangana and Number 1 in Hyderabad; Ranked Number 6 in India ) - Education World.[14]
  • Nasr Boys School - India School Ranking 2017 (ranked number 1 day school for boys in Andhra / Telangana and Number 1 in Hyderabad; Ranked Number 9 in India ) - Education World.[14]
  • National Award for Meritorious Service - received by Mrs. Madhubala Kapoor, principal of Nasr School for Girls, in the year 2009.[15]
  • Acharya Devo Bhava - 2014 Award - Brainfeed Magazine - received by Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed, Principal Nasr Boys School.[16]
  • Bharath Shiksha Ratan Award by Global Achiever Foundation. - received by Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed, Principal Nasr Boys School.
  • Excellence Award (2014) to Nasr School- WCRC Leaders.[17]
  • Nasr was named as One of the fastest growing brands in India, one of the Top 100 best Schools in Asia and as one of The Most Promising Brands of India by WCRC Magazine.[17]


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